Older Women Dating Younger Man

Women dating younger men! Yay or nay?

Hello everyone My name is Fabio Zefi, and this is BareTalk

We are going to be discussing today woman dating younger men, and by younger I mean like much younger – well legal age in this side of the world I Albania it doesn't matter! Anyhow, yeah guys I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and she's telling me about this guy she met while on vacation had the best connection with him, amazing sex, but keeping in touch when I asked her like what's his age, and I don't even know – I asked her that and she was embarrassed to tell me – so he was way younger – like how much younger? So about 20 to 23 years old younger than her Good for her! t He's about 24 or 25 and yeah – so what are your thoughts on it? Honestly I kind of feel like a girl, a woman can get away with dating a guy that's a lot older she can just it's not some people like she wants money but it's not really a huge deal, but when a woman who's maybe 40 dates a 20 year old it's like "Ew why does he want someone who's so old?" Its I always feel like it's unfair cuz people are always thinking about the woman is old and she's not as good as she used to be, and she's not as hot as she used to be and, that's not fair cuz she is still amazing no matter what age – what if we frame this to do with like sexuality, like we know that women like step into their sexuality when their and they're like 30s and 40s whereas a man is stepping into his sexuality when he's probably like what 11 to 22, and so he just sexually it makes sense so I think if we reframe it then older women and younger men is hot – Yeah I know I don't even know why it's frowned upon – I mean I'm like I'm the least judgmental person, there shouldn't be any judgment on that because this wasn't even a sexual encounter only, it was at a great connection and I asked her "when this guy comes here, like will it be okay taking him to all your friends parties and whatnot," and she's like "Umm I'm not sure about that ," and this is a feisty woman that I'm talking about this it's know like – but there's still the judgement when you're a woman who's dating a man who's much older like it's more accepted but being someone who's been in that situation like you go to a restaurant or you go to a party or your own Associates and people just have this one notion of who you are or you're always asked if you're the assistant yeah so you know I know it happens all the time "sweetie could you give me some water?" – "No, cuz I don't work here," so I think it's overall why do we have such a problem with people dating someone outside of their age – your scenario came from someone on vacation so often on vacation you're you're safe you're safe to try things that you might not try at home because first of all the odds of seeing this person again are quite small and the odds of running into anybody that might have seen you do whatever you're doing on vacation is also quite small so you're pretty safe to try things right and also as we go through life there may be certain things that we wish we did when we were younger and for whatever reason we were in a different situation we didn't do those things so now later in life it's like, "what would it be like to date somebody this age?" Because maybe when you were younger you were not dating at all or you were dating people in other age brackets and now I never tried dating a 25 year old when I was 25 and sometimes we need to know we need to we need to do things – I didn't know it was a problem until I heard from all of you it was a problem, but I didn't I didn't even know that society would even bat an eye to that as as long as people are of age, and they're consenting, I don't see why things should be an issue – we all can do what we want – If somebody is in their 40s for just for example, and she's you know getting divorced or whatever's happening in her life maybe dating that new 20-something year old guy is gonna get a little wake in her yeah, give her an amazing sex life, have some fun maybe the 50 year old she was dating before isn't fun anymore like you know it made rejuvenate her and I – think if people care are they're jealous because they're not like I mean are we not, We need to look at ourselves and what we think we should and shouldn't do for us and make those decisions and leave those decisions about other people to them because they're going through things that they need to deal with – which is a bigger issue we have in the world where it's like everyone has an opinion on your life and your Instagram account and what you're doing and I'm like maybe you should turn that focus inside here instead of outside there right – so love yourself before you love others okay, anyhow this has been BareTalk A woman can date whoever the fuck they want to, a man can date whoever the fuck they want to, enjoy your life and just go and be happy check us out and all our links right down here follow us, all of us and have a great day

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