Older Women Dating Younger Man

9 Reasons Why Older Men Like Dating Younger Women

nine reasons why older men go for younger women the world of heterosexual dating and relationship wisdom is a fascinating mysterious place filled with chemical half-truths blatant falsehoods and things just strange enough to be true one of the latter facts is the statistical age gap between men and women they message and date Christian rudder a blogger for OkCupid did a fascinating study in 2010 using the site's data on men and women's age preferences Rutter found that women's desirability peaks at 21 and not only do men state their age preferences very young they tend to message younger women they try to attract younger women when they are online and even usually prefer dating younger than their stated preferences in other words according to Rutter men in their thirties spent as much time messaging teenage girls as women their own age Heights the article itself is a fascinating read on raw data but it doesn't really get into the reasons that the age gap might exist so here are nine reasons people have proposed that men go for younger women whether they want to date younger women or simply attract younger women the reasons sure are interesting before we begin this video make sure you subscribe to our channel so you can always be notified about our latest new videos and dating tips that way you'll never miss one of our awesome videos and you can stay up to date with everything from your number-one besties now keep watching to find out some of the reasons why older men go for younger women number one men don't find older women as attractive as younger women that's rudders primary reason in this article the fact is men tend to be more attracted to younger women who have more youthful appearances and prefer to have younger women as girlfriends though this isn't truth for all men it is certainly a preference the same can be said for men who like older women it's just a preference to them certain men prefer women who are more youthful looking while certain men prefer other types of women it's all in the preferences number two because they're afraid of death in a recent interview on Aging Stacy London of what not to wear fame said maybe there's a fear of mortality when men watch women age and that is just too much of a mirror see I personally like that interpretation because it implies that women are immortal and do not fear death in all seriousness though there could be something subconsciously going on in certain men's minds that could explain why they go for such younger women I think we can all agree that one of our biggest fears in life is death so it kind of would make sense if men choose younger women because subconsciously they are scared of growing older and eventually die don't worry we've still got seven more reasons to show you why older men go for younger women do you want to know how it works the other way around will also tell you certain reasons why younger women go for older men stay tuned until the end to find out number three because younger women literally make them live longer okay this sounds like a little outrageous doesn't it well a study done by Spinz your fall of the University of Stockholm found that men over 50 with much younger spouses tend to live for longer I mean the study didn't control for health which might affect both how much men are able to get younger women and how long they live but didn't Hugh Hefner live until he was like 90 gazillion years old well the truth is some studies do state that older men who are with younger women tend to live longer so this could be a valid reason number four younger women are more permissive in a recent article the site myung suggested that younger women can be alright with things that older women would not be and that older men go for them to achieve fantasies which they may not have lived with older women well this could be true but it all entirely depends on the person some younger women may or may not be into certain things while the same can be said for older women the stereotype is that younger women and girlfriends are usually more willing to have fun go on adventures and do risky things which could be a reason why older men go for them keep watching as we continue to count down the top reasons why older men go for younger women number five older men need ego massages all the time younger girlfriends are able to do that according to relationship experts relationship experts who give dating tips to both older and younger women state that older men prefer dating girlfriends who are not only younger women but can also give them an ego boost when an older man goes on a date with a younger woman it gives them an ego boost and not only makes them feel younger but makes him feel superior to others as well number 6 because women their age aren't in their Fertile Crescent anymore professor Madeleine Phu jury author of the social psychology of attraction and romantic relationships echoes many evolutionary psychologists when she says that men dating younger women is all about ensuring that a prospective partner is fertile well if so bad news for the dudes your sperms got an expiration date also starting at around age forty time to grab a date and find a girlfriend number seven because women their age are too into having children in a survey of responses on whisper an anonymous confession site a frequent theme was that men were tired of dating women their age who kept nagging them to have children before the alarm on their biological clock goes off seems that these older men are looking for all the wrong things in relationships number eight because of insecurity now disgraced male feminist and academic Hugo Schmeisser wrote in a 2011 article that middle-aged men go for younger women because they're insecure and they don't seem to value validation from women their own age as much as they value it from women 10 to 25 years younger well here's some dating advice for your next date over guys both younger women and older women love confidence so ditch that insecurity especially if you want to attract younger women number 9 younger women have lower self-esteem lower confidence and lower expectations this reason is more anecdotal than scientifically tested but many people seem to agree about this one on the internet particularly older men here's a newsflash if you're getting into relationships with much younger women specifically because you feel like you have more power it's not a good thing no matter who you're dating no matter how old you both are you have to be prepared to see your partner as an equal now that you know some of the top reasons why older men tend to go for younger women here are some reasons why women tend to go for younger or older men maturity younger women like older men because not only are they established and secure but they are also wise and mature they are done with their younger single ways and don't tend to play as many games as younger men do so if you are an older man and want to attract younger women make sure that your maturity is in check they know how to treat a lady younger women who go on dates with older men like the fact that the man knows how to treat a lady whether it's holding the door open for her or just holding up a conversation that is both mature and stimulating older men are also more old-fashioned and traditional are more prone to treating younger women with respect and traditional values they know what they want older men are more established and more sure of what they want if they want to have a relationship that is more serious or are just looking for a casual date they'll be upfront about it most older men avoid playing games in our more upfront and honest when they are on a date with a younger woman they are straightforward honest and aren't afraid to tell a woman what they want and what they are feeling they don't beat around the bush and would much rather be honest about what they want then lead a younger woman on so what do you think are you attracted to older or younger people or do you tend to go for people who are the same age as you let us know in the comments section below enjoyed this video hit the like button and share with your friends also subscribe to our channel for more videos like this thanks for watching

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